Who is Esther Jude?

Esther Jude Design Co was born out of a feeling of necessity, but quickly grew into a passion, love, and sense of purpose for this stay at home mom of two.
Being able to stay home and raise my girls has been the biggest blessing I could have asked for! However, living on one income as a family of four has definitely been a sacrifice and as someone who went from working full time outside of the home to working full time only in the home, it was hard for me to not contribute financially.
So my husband and I brainstormed ideas of how I could help out and make some money while being home with our girls.. I had no hobbies outside of my kids, but I had always loved making things and being crafty since I was a little girl. So we researched and decided that a little tee shirt side hustle in an Etsy shop might be the way to go.. everyone wears tee shirts, right? 
I found the best deals on equipment and watched countless videos teaching me how to actually do it. We took a leap of faith and started it up. When I finished my first shirt, I knew I loved this. I loved MAKING. I loved being creative and seeing the things in my head come to life!
Fast forward about 2 years and it has morphed into something much different and so much better than I had originally envisioned in our small apartment living room. But one thing has stayed the same- God has to be the center. Every item you'll find at Esther Jude Design Co has been chosen with one mission in mind- to share the love of God and bring joy to everyone who sees it.

When you choose to support Esther Jude Design Co, you choose to support an ordinary family chasing their dreams.
Thank you so incredibly much for choosing to shop with me! It truly means more than you know.